Youth Enrichment

Maggie’s Outreach Community Youth Center is designed to foster a safe environment through membership and volunteerism, alternative from crime and provide a safe haven for all youth, by implementing another step at alleviating the presence of crime and violence surrounding young adults.

Students in classroom

Building skills and competencies that allows youth to function and contribute in their daily lives. Provides avenues of redirection with programs such as:

  • Tutoring / After School (Daily)
  • Life Skills (Mondays)
  • Youth Mentoring (Daily)
  • HS Volunteerism Girls Talk (2nd & 4th Saturday)



RTS Mentoring program provides life opportunities and viewpoints for youth ages 10-17 years to delve deeper into real issues and provides a sense of belonging in their communities, academic achievements and healthy behaviors. Youth are matched with a trusted adult for one year and meet 2-3 times weekly. Youth engage in learning critical habits and developing goals through the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens learning curriculum.

“Become someone that Matters to Someone” Volunteer and Become a Mentor Today

Call: 910-875-6623 Partially Funded by DPS Juvenile Justice Prevention & Organization Sponsors

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every-goal-youth-sectionHelp us help you

High School Volunteer is an academic and community service program now in its fifth quarter at MOCEDC Community Center. The object is for teens to develop deeper connections with community, improve academic performance and life planning, and learn and practice healthy decision-making skills through volunteerism and job shadowing.

RTS Summer Camp is an 8 week full day Summer experience for children ages 5-13 years of age, starting the 3rd week of June through the 2nd Week of August. Call and enroll your child today !!!! 910-875-6623

Young adult summer academy youth ages 14-16 years Youth ages 15-21 call today and become a Camp Leader. Enjoy your summer given back to someone that matters… Call 910-875-6625


  • RTS-Referral Based Mentoring Youth ages 10-17 at risk
  • One year commitment
  • RTS-Parent Skill/Building 4 hours monthly participation
  • Matched-Trained Mentors
  • RTS Service Hours: Two-hour group skill-building sessions (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens)
  • Monthly Guest Speakers
  • Specialized session Male/Females (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • Youth Enrichment Activities-Recreational, culture Arts, Trips and Civic engagement.
  • Structure ½ day for out-of-school suspension
  • After School 5 days
  • Tutoring (Specialized 3 days weekly)

adobe_pdf_logoMentor Application
( Please print form and fill it out and then return it to MOCEDC), click here to view form

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